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      Medical cart , Health care trolley ,Hospital cart ,Multi-Purpose Utility Cart

      Medical cart , Health care trolley ,Hospital cart ,Multi-Purpose Utility Cart

      Multi-Purpose Utility Cart

      Product ID: RA-707A

      • Product Name:Multi-Purpose Utility Cart
      • Color:Black /Blue /Red /White
      • Dimension : L80x W48x H100 cm
      • Upright:27.5 cm x 8 pcs
      • Wheel:4” TPR Caster. (2 swivels with 2 brakes)
      • Packing:L71.2xW50.9xH 23.6 cm
      • Panel:61.5x45 cm
      • Durable and multi-uses cart function in house, factory and all working conditions
      • Supplied in knock down form & Easy to Ship.
      • Easy manoeuvrability & Easy assembly.
      • Sized to carry large loads 200 kg, total load capacity (70kg) per shelf.



      Large Service Carts / Standard Service Carts / New Design Service Carts / Super Mini Service Carts




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      Order Information:
      • Minimum Order: Negotiable
      • OEM/ODM Product, Branded Product
      Contact Detail
      Contact:Ms. Flora
      Address:No.33, Lane 293, Dafong Road,Dali District Taichung City 41263, Taiwan

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