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      Product Feature

      Patented multi-function utility cart
      Our multi-Service Carts are patented designed with panel capable of holding objects such as cans and bottles. And can be use to carrying goods, papers, administration or meals...., in office, library or any factory environment with degree of freedom.

      Business Type: Manufacturer / Exporter / OEM / ODM
      Markets: World-Wide
      Main Products: Service Cart , Utility Cart , Tool Cart , Utility Service Cart , Multi-Purpose Cart, food serving carts , Foodservice Cart , Trolley cart , plastic service cart , Utility Tool Storage
      Location: Taiwan
      Factory: No.2,Jen Fu 2nd Street, Dali Dist, Taichung City 412, Taiwan
      Contact Detail
      Contact: Ms. Flora
      Address: No.33, Lane 293, Dafong Road,Dali District Taichung City 41263, Taiwan
      TEL: 886-4-24960338
      FAX: 886-4-24966653
      Email: huashuo@ms78.hinet.net
      URL: http://www.alblade.com

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